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Compliance Automation Website Procedures

Supportive Services Reporting Procedures

Please Note: The field for the Social Security number has been reduced to 4 characters.  Please enter just the last four digits.  This update should have no change on xml uploads.  Thank you.

HUD has released the 2018 income limits for use in the calculation of the 2018 MTSP Tax Credit Income/Rent Limits.  The Agency has posted the 2018 MTSP Income/Rent Limits to its website.  If your property is not placed-in-service, you will need to calculate the correct limit with the assistance of the appropriate chart.  If, however, your property is placed-in-service, you can look to the Agency’s Automated Web Entry System for the appropriate limits.  Remember, limits are determined on a project/building basis and project/building charts can be obtained through the Web Entry System. 

As in years past, we feel confident in the numbers provided by our system, but suggest you proof them.  

Dear Tax Credit Owner/Agent:

For the most part, annual LIHTC reporting is to be done via the Agency's Automated Web Entry System.  All submissions are due prior to midnight on January 31, 2019.  Reminder Notice: Annual Submission Requirements

2018 Annual Certification of Continuing Compliance forms can be downloaded from the Automated Web Entry System or the Agency's web site under Property Management.


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